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Welcome to Schoolgirl Style!

We've teamed up with April from A Modern Teacher to offer the perfect planner to make your days organized and efficient!

This planner and organizer was created for purposeful teaching. No more guessing on what to organize and how to organize it.  It is all right here.  Saving you time so you can concentrate on what matters: teaching!

There are 2 big parts to this download.  A PLANNER AND AN ORGANIZER

The Planner includes:

*lesson plan templates

*curriculum map overview

*Common Core Standards ELA and Math K-5

*Texas Objectives

*daily planner page

*weekly planner page (both single page and 2 page spread options)

*March 2017-December 2018 calendar page (both single page and 2 page spread options) 

*year at-a-glance planner page

*teacher-must haves:

*”Take a Peek” Pages which included a spot for parent conferences, staff meetings, parent organizational meetings, team/other meetings, birthdays, district assessments, specials’ (art/music/pe) schedule, re-teaching, upcoming standards to be taught, classroom supply needs and personal goals

Forms for Planning and Organizing

  1. Guided Reading Lesson Plan
  2. Guided Reading at-a-glance
  3. Weekly Overview of Reading Lessons
  4. Observation Form for Guided Reading
  5. Anecdotal/Monitoring Notes
  6. Math Lesson Planning
  7. Guided Math Lesson Plan
  8. Individual Writing Conference
  9. Writing Workshop Snapshot
  10. Whole Group Observations
  11. Reteaching
  12. Record of Reteaching
  13. Gradebook
  14. Attendance
  15. Data Tracking
  16. Checklist
  17. Page to jot down ideas
  18. Page for to-do list
  19. Page for notes

The Second Section has organizational forms:

  1. Class Roster
  2. Class Schedule
  3. Early Release Schedule
  4. Specials’ Schedule
  5. Birthdays
  6. Class Information
  7. Allergies
  8. Student Information
  9. Email List at-a-glance
  10. Transportation List
  11. Parent Contact Log
  12. Admin Information
  13. Technology Access and Permissions
  14. Technology Teacher Info and Pswds
  15. Technology Student Info and Passwds
  16. Student IDs
  17. Class Numbers
  18. Meeting Notes
  19. Parent Teacher Conference Form
  20. Here’s What You Missed
  21. Classroom Volunteers
  22. Volunteer Notes
  23. Support Staff In Our Classroom
  24. Students with Special Services
  25. Substitute Plans
  26. Important Contacts
  27. Substitute Feedback
  28. Seating Chart
  29. Student Pictures
  30. Field Trip
  31. Inventory of Consumables
  32. Professional Development
  33. Classroom Purchases
  34. Meal Planning

You can customize your planner and organizing forms in Power Point and in editable PDFs.  You can save these year after year as new files. Must have Microsoft Power Point.

This download also comes with over 50 covers pre-made for you and one for you to customize.  It comes with matching binder spines (1 inch and 2 inches) for every cover and one for you to customize.


List of Covers:

Teacher Planner                    Daily Plans                     Monthly Plans

   Weekly Plans                   Common Core                     Gradebook      

  Yearly Plans                       Student Info                Classroom Organizer    

        TEKS                              All Months                      Classroom Info   

     All Months                   Parent Info & Comm               Schedules

   Procedures                Technology Information               DRA Data

       Dibels                      Reading Assessments                Fluency 

 Data Tracking                  Math Assessments               Benchmarks        

   Interventions               Student Support Team           IEP Information    

       504 Info                         Back-to-School                   Open House                                  

  Evaluations                   Classroom Management            Substitute 

Teacher Handbook                 State Standards            Monitoring Binder                                   

  Emergency Info                  Discipline Forms                        RTI

 DOCS just to keep       Nurse/Accident Reports            Medical Info                                

     Attendance              Professional Development          Back Cover

 To see a video preview, check out the link HERE.

 If you have any planner related questions, please email me at helloamodernteacher@gmail.com




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Page Count:   500 estimated (varies based on which pages you prefer)

Please note: 
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